The Craddock Adventure Map

For Christmas, we received a Geojango pushpin map to document our world travels (thanks mom and dad!).

It’s customized to highlight where we’ve gone individually or as a family. Today we got it all set up…


We had so much fun revisiting all the places we’ve been over the last few years!


So far, Josh has been to 23 foreign countries, I’ve been to 21, Winston has been to 13, and Ella has been to 11. Not a bad start!


Later this month, I’m headed to Switzerland and Germany. What’s your next adventure?

One thought on “The Craddock Adventure Map

  1. Hi:) Awesome post.

    Is this something you all started once you had kids? Or were you doing it before as well?

    This is very inspiring and countercultural to the whole mindset that once you have kids it’s too hard to travel.

    Do you guys travel even more now that you have children?


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