Hello friend, I’m glad you stopped by! I hope you’ll enjoy following along with our family adventures.

My name is Caroline. I’m a homeschooling momma to three, a follower of Christ, a lover of coffee, an avid traveler, and a country girl turned city wife. When I’m not running errands around the D.C area or planning our next big adventure you’ll probably find me working out, changing a diaper, trying a new recipe, or eating something sweet. 

My husband’s name is Josh. We met when I was 12 years old, and it was love at first sight (for me at least…). He makes me coffee in the morning and willingly travels the world by my side. I guess you could say we’re a perfect match! He graduated from Harvard Law School, and when he’s not working on some legal case I don’t understand you will probably find him immersed in one of Shakespeare’s plays, thumbing through a Winston Churchill biography (yes, for fun), or writing an article on some political or academic topic. He adores his family and loves God. I couldn’t ask for a better man to spend my life with.

We have a seven-year-old son named Winston, a five-year-old daughter named Ella, and a one-year-old daughter named June. They fill our home with laughter and joy. They’ve each been to more than a 15 countries and too many states to count. Winston loves playing with legos, testing out his math skills, and playing soccer. Ella loves her dolls, sitting down to focus on an art project, and ballet. June loves bananas, her parents, and our dog Wilber. 


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